About Sabatia

The Sabatia Technical and Vocational Training Center
brief history and about the principal's history in his career and achievements.

History of Sabatia

The Sabatia Technical Training Institute (STVC) is an institute located in Kenya.
As of this date, it was one of the many accredited vocational training centers in the country by Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority of Kenya. Unlike the Kenyan universities that are normally supervised by the Commission for University Education.

It being a new fresh school, things are up to date with the current trend in education and also nothing is a surprise to the fraternity and the students at large.

The Principal

The Sabatia principal, Mr. Agripa profile image

Mr. Agripa is a trainer by profession and has been involved in preparing the youth for career development since 1990. He has won a University Academic Award for being the best Power Mechanics and the best Drawing and Design Teacher in Kisumu District. In 1999 he formed the Western Kenya Regional Industry – Institutions Collaboration Committee hosted at Kisumu Polytechnic to enhance linkages between technical training institutions and the industry. In 2003 facilitated for World Vision on career prospect, peer education and Community OVC's care and support and community workers coalitions. In 2007 facilitated for PLAN International on Business Management in Kisumu. In 2008 Coordinated Performance Contracting such that Kisumu Polytechnic achieved position 4 nationally and has done so to date. Wrote a winning proposal and facilitated in training Integrated Solid Waste Management with an Entrepreneurship Perspective for waste Management Services Providers in Kisumu Municipality (KISWAMP), funded by the UNDP. In 2009 coordinated the 1st Regional Exhibition and Symposium for TVET institutions in Nyanza and Western Kenya. In 2011 wrote a winning proposal and facilitated training for Ministry of Trade Staff for Assistance to Small and Micro Enterprises Program (ASMEP) in Kisumu. In 2012 facilitated training for Ministry of Trade Staff for ASMEP in Embu. In 2013 facilitated Training for Ministry of Trade Staff for ASMEP in Nakuru. In 2015 prepared and presented the Kisumu County Trade Policy document and in 2015 wrote a winning proposal for funding by the European Union (EU) through COMESA that operationalized the Ksh. 18m Kisumu Garment making incubator at Kisumu National Polytechnic. Throughout his career Agripa has a passion for Creating Employment(Job Creation), nurturing an Entrepreneurship culture.

sabatia mission


To provide high quality technical, vocational, entrepreneurship training, research and innovation in partnership with stakeholders to produce globally competitive graduates.

sabatia vision


To be a world class Technical and Vocational College that provides technical, vocational, entrepreneurship training and research.

sabatia core values

Core Values

Our core values are: Integrity, Competency, Innovation and Team work are our key values.