Online Application

This form is to be filled only by applicants who were not placed at Sabatia TVC by KUCCPS

    NOTE: This form is to be filled by only applicants who were not placed by KUCCPS at Sabatia Technical and Vocational College therefore do not fill this form if you had applied for placement in the KUCCPS website and have been place in our College (Sabatia TVC).

    Before you use this form, ensure you have read carefully and understood the following instructions, and you have viewed the List of Courses page or seen our Course List Brochure to familiarize yourself with the specific course requirements for the course you wish to apply for.

    Those applying for Diploma courses please note that the minimum entry qualification is a KCSE Mean grade of C-(Minus) while those applying for Craft Certificate the Minimum entry qualification is a KCSE Mean grade of D Plain. Those who wish to apply for Artisan Courses the minimum qualification is KCPE/KCSE Mean grade of D-(Minus).

    After entering all your data, press the Submit button to complete the online application process.You will see the message: Form has been submitted successfully. We are processing your application. After successful submission and subsequent processing, your Admission forms will be emailed to you. Ensure you have provided a valid email address.